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Decades of software development experience. Extreme passion
for the iOS platform. Love for what we do, and the talent to do it well.
Put all of that to work for you.

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About Us

Based in Houston, TX, BigSprocket offers contract iOS development services and architecture & SDLC guidance. We have a ridiculous amount of experience and an equally ridiculous number of different platforms, and we've settled on iOS as our one true love (where has it been all our lives??)

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, to small one-person shops. We're comfortable on at large teams using formal methodologies, and on one-man projects doing "guerrilla development". Whatever works best for your project, we'll adapt (or advise).

We’re a collection of geeks that love what we do, and it shows. Give us a shout, so we can put our passion to work for you.

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DETOX Truck brings a healthier option to the Houston Food Truck Scene, and now they have a locator app. Written by BigSprocket, using our Food Truck Kit.

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